About Us

One Step of Service is a website connecting faith-based people to volunteer opportunities in the Kentuckiana area.

We want to help you find your true passion for serving, then walk you through the process of finding an Organization that best fits your passion. Young or old, we will help you get connected to a volunteer opportunity 1 hour, 1 day (a week), or however your schedule permits.


Our Vision Statement

Passionate, faith-based people engaged in serving Christ by serving others.

Our Mission Statement

Connecting and guiding people of faith to serving opportunities that reflect Jesus’ love.

“Have you ever realized that you can give things to God that are of value to Him? Or are you just sitting around daydreaming about the greatness of His redemption, while neglecting all the things you could be doing for Him? I’m not referring to works which could be regarded as divine and miraculous, but ordinary, simple human things-things which would be evidence to God that you are totally surrendered to Him.”


~Oswald Chambers