Our Organizations

About Friends of International Students

We are a Christian nonprofit organization in Louisville, KY dedicated to showing God’s love through providing care, encouragement, and support to the international students that have come to our city to study.

We exist to promote cross-cultural friendships, offer hospitality, and share the love of God with international students.

Our Vision is to see international students, from closed countries, become world leaders who love Jesus and carry the Gospel back to their countries.

Serving Opportunities

We serve the international students in a variety of ways, including:

  • Arrival Assistance / Temporary Housing
    • Helping new students find housing before they even arrive in Louisville
    • Picking students up at the airport and assisting in helping them acclimate to a new location and school
  • Community & Engagement
    • Friday evening meetings for community & discussion
    • Trips to various nearby attractions and tourist sites
    • Support for students in everyday needs (shopping / grocery runs, getting furniture, etc.)
  • American Friends and Family Program
    • Volunteer is matched with a student to host at least once a month
  • Providing food for our Friday gatherings

Contact Information

Ming Yu, Interim Executive Director


Mobile Telephone: 502-916-8158

Office address: 4011 Southern Pkwy., Louisville, KY 40214