Our Organizations

About Nomad Church

Nomad Church Collective addresses the spiritual lives of those in need, making disciples of Jesus by taking the Gospel to the margins of society. We partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals to help needy populations find physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in Jesus. Entering into hurting neighborhoods, walking down alley-ways and sidewalks, and praying in the homes of our neighbors, we are committed to sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ with the poor.

The Outpost

The Outpost is a holistic ministry that welcomes the poor and marginalized into daily community to receive physical, emotional, spiritual, and social support in the name of Jesus. Located in New Albany, Indiana, The Outpost is designed to feel like home. Our hope is that every visitor, whether from the streets or the suburbs, genuinely experiences the love and welcome of Jesus Christ.

Serving Opportunities

  • The Outpost
    Relational connection with the poor, marginalized, and fellow volunteers at the Outpost. This includes spending time getting to know our daily clientele, many of whom are homeless, with the genuine intention of building loving relationships.

  • Street Outreach
    Venturing onto city streets and homeless camps to relationally connect to and evangelize the poor and marginalized. This opportunity also serves as a discipleship opportunity for the participant.

  • Location of Opportunities:
    The Outpost, Streets and/or homeless camps of Southern Indiana

    Days and Hours of Opportunities: M-F, 8am-2pm

    Contact person for Opportunities Preston Searcy or Matt Fleenor


Contact Information

419 E. Market Street. (270) 993-1172 (Preston) or (502) 594-7815 (Matt)